Five ‘Made In China’ Products to Pick Up From Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart in Dubai is fast becoming a hub for Chinese products. Preferred by residents and tourists alike – the center for China Wholesale in Dubai offers affordable and ‘haggable’ shopping options. From accessories and clothing to toys and household goods, you can find all products of high quality.  Additionally, the mall is conveniently located in the International City area of Dubai and offers ample parking spaces.

If you are planning a visit to the Dragon Mart, here are some of its greatest products that you should definitely check out.

  1. Costume jewelry

Looking for fine pieces of artificial jewelry but don’t have the budget to go for the branded ones? Well, the jewelry shops at Dragon Mart houses all types of imitation trinkets at an affordable cost. From dazzling earrings and necklaces to friendship bracelets and faux diamond rings – the variety at the mega mall of Dubai is endless. And believe it or not, but they look more expensive than they actually are.

  1. Furniture

For those with innovative décor ideas, the Dragon Mart is a haven. Whether you are looking for furniture for home or office – the Chinese manufacturers wholesale in Dubai has a huge variety of options to choose from.

Consumers can also find many modern as well as contemporary showpieces to adorn the indoors and outdoors.

  1. Phone cases

Whether your lifestyle requires a shatterproof case or waterproof – the stalls at Dragon Mart have endless variety of sleek and chic phone cases for your unique style. Faux material, crystal adorned, designer’s replica, and even fur – you name it and the mall has it.

Besides the fabulous choices, the cases for phones and tablets are very inexpensive. So do take a look and don’t forget to bargain as always.

  1. LED trainers

If you were a 90s kids, you would surely remember the shoes you had which lit up every time you took a step. Called the LED trainers or light up shoes – the sneakers are still in trend and you can get them for a very affordable cost at the shops offering product of China wholesale in Dubai.

Available in variety of designs from simple, solid colors to graphic, vibrant pattern – the ‘cool’ sneakers can be purchased for both – the adults and their children.

  1. Toys

Dragon mart is equally popular for toys as well. Any toy that is introduced in the market can be bought from the mega mall at a discounted price just a week after.

From miniscule items like fidget spinners to high-end gadgets such as the electric motorbikes and hover boards – you can find the best quality of all here.

Plan a visit

Shopping in Dubai does not have to be expensive when you know where to go. Deemed as the focal point of Chinese manufactures wholesale in Dubai, the Dragon Mart boasts everything you need at an affordable price.

However, shopping at Dragon Mart is a patience-demanding task so make sure you take your leisurely time checking everything out and of course – do not forget to negotiate the price. Good luck!

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