Don’t waste time! Facts until you buy your tent

Weddings have become unique events. If before, eating well and abundantly prevailed, now, couples are looking for different and charming places in which to celebrate a different wedding in order to surprise their guests. This change in the tastes of the bride and groom means that the estates must strive to offer, in a market as competitive as weddings, spaces that are cared for and prepared for any type of celebration.

In this sense, wedding tents have become an important ally of farms, hotels and restaurants, to be able to offer covered spaces in which to celebrate the wedding. They are also a practical and functional solution for couples who want to get married on a farm or in a private home, and need a covered space to celebrate the banquet or dance.

How to choose a wedding tent

Obviously, choosing a tent for a wedding is not easy. In the case of couples who want to rent a tent to celebrate their marriage in a particular farm, they will have to choose themselves in many cases among many different models. In the case of farms and hotels, the decision is even more complicated, because in many cases, they are tents that they acquire to leave them fixed as part of the establishment’s equipment.

From the outset, one of the doubts that first assail both couples and caterers when requesting a budget is the size that the Pole Tent should have.  To calculate the ideal size of a 10 by 10 canopy tent, you must take into account several aspects:

Tent model. According to the extensive experience of the experts, in this type of even the most widely used models are the polygonal tent with 15 meters of facade, in addition to the gable tent with 10 meters of facade.

What needs does the Catering have?

In case you are the bride and groom who are doing the calculations to rent a tent to celebrate the wedding on a farm or on a private land, think that in addition to the tables, the catering will also need a space to carry out their work. The best thing, so that they can work in conditions and offer their service in an optimal way, is that you ask them about their space needs, depending on the contracted services.

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