Choosing The Right Logo Mat

It is crucial to select the right logo mats for your business and brand. Let’s talk about the many types of custom logo mats that you have the option to choose from.

Inlaid Logo Material

Your logo, message, or design can be cut out of different mat colors using the unique inlay method. These mat sections are then joined to form a durable, practical design mat suitable for every workplace. This means that once you’ve decided to get an Inlaid Logo Mat and selected the design you prefer, you can start –

  • Create the design template and place it on top of a mat. Manually cut the design (text, shapes, etc.) using a precision cutting machine.
  • The logo pieces are cut out of different colors of mats (of a single material). These logo pieces are placed back in the base mat, then glued together with a reinforced rubber backing.

Inlaid Custom Logo Mats are made from solution-dyed polypropylene material. This material is not printable and can be used to inlay logo mats. The inlay process can also be performed on other materials, as long as the backing is provided. Advantages:

  • Solution-dyed polypropylene fibers: These fibers are solution-dyed before weaving. This means that the dyes are incorporated into the substrate of your mat, giving you a UV-stabilized floor mat. The colors are therefore resistant to fading
  • It is highly resistant to molds and mildew, which makes it an extremely hygienic product.
  • Beautiful and high-quality designs
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.

Its non-slip qualities and durability make it a great logo mat for both Outdoor and Commercial applications. This mat is highly effective at removing water, dirt, and grime from feet.

Flocked Logo Mat

Flocked Custom Logo Mats have nylon flock/fibers permanently embedded onto the mat’s surfaces creating a strong visual effect that has a slightly raised imprint. The Flocking process is what this means:

  • A special adhesive is used to attach a design to the mat by adhering the screen with the design template.
  • Then, short monofilament fibers, most often nylon fibers, can be applied directly to the mat across the adhesive-coated design
  • Special equipment can be used to electrically charge flock particles, causing them to stand up. The fibers can then be propelled and attached to the adhesive at the right angle to their mat substrate. This results in a uniform flock-like coating with high density.

Flocking can be used on many materials including coco fibers and regular olefin. Advantages:

  • The design gets a 3D effect from the flocking, as the image appears higher than the mat.
  • It gives the design an authentic look
  • Because the adhesive is used instead of ink to bond the flock, it’s quite durable and long-lasting.
  • You have 28 options of standard colors and you can use Pantone matched colors for a small fee
  • Use indoors and outdoors

Printed Logo Mats

Printed Logo Mats are a great way to promote your brand. They work well as heavy-duty floor mats. There are many types of Printed Logo Mats.

Custom Logo Mats

This process involves creating/cutting a design stencil with a specialized tool. This stencil is then placed on the coco mat and sprayed with a specially formulated paint dye.

Digitally Printed Custom Logo Mats

Digitally Printed Logo Mats (or floor mats) are strong and durable. They can be used to display your logo clearly, and in clear, vivid detail. Your image or logo is printed directly on the mat’s surface.

Custom Logo Mats Digitally Printed HD

Digital Print HD prints photographs with a high-definition four-color process digital printer. It can print images of photographic quality at nearly ten times the resolution of the Digital Print classic printers.

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