All you need to know about acrylic print wall art

Acrylic print wall art is a bespoke piece of picture art manufactured using premium-quality materials, such as acrylic print wall art. An acrylic print wall art is exactly what it sounds like. To put it another way, an acrylic print is a copy of your picture that’s been mounted behind acrylic glass for aesthetic purposes. Direct printing or actual photo paper are also options for printing your picture.

The simplicity of the acrylic print is part of what makes it so appealing. Let your shot speak for itself with this borderless print. The acrylic glass itself has a stunning clarity to it as well. In this post, we’ll show how a thin, spotless sheet of glass may make all the difference in the world to the quality of a print.

How is the acrylic print wall art made?

To begin, a copy of your photograph is made on a thin sheet of paper (a pure-white multilayer backing for the regular print or real lab-quality photo paper in the case of the Acrylic Premium). Afterward, we put a thin piece of pure acrylic glass over your stunning picture. In the end, the finished piece has no borders. It’s a modern aesthetic that illustrates that simplicity is the essence of beauty.

Benefits of the acrylic print wall art

The following are some of the major advantages of using a print design:

  • Your picture behind acrylic glass may be used in various settings since it is transparent from the sides and front.
  • The acrylic print is about 3 millimeters thick, so it’s hardly noticeable. As a result, your print is stylishly thin and will occupy the least amount of area possible while yet being thick enough to create an illusion of depth.
  • The acrylic print is light enough to be securely hung on any relatively robust wall, thanks to its ultra-slimline structure and the lightweight properties of acrylic glass.
  • It is an installation that seems to be floating in space. Adding one of our two unique hanger sets to your purchase will cost you an additional fee. After installation, the hanger sets will be hidden from view, giving the impression that your print is floating against the wall. Hanger sets are available for purchase here!

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