5 Things You Need To Carry With You While Stepping Out

We must never forget to carry a few things with us when stepping outside the house, for example, our wallet and cell phone. These are the two most important things, and forgetting them at home seems like making the most significant mistake ever. But today, when we are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, we should be adding a few more items to your list of essentials before stepping out.

COVID-19 has revolutionized our lives in several ways, including hand sanitizer becoming a necessity. We should be extra careful when in public places or are travelling to reduce exposure to the virus. Here’s a consolidated list of 5 things you need to carry with you while stepping out to stay safe.

Face Mask

It is an essential thing we ought to carry before stepping out of our house. The face mask helps prevent respiratory infections from others or wind. Health experts suggest that people with COVID-19 who never create manifestations and those who are not yet demonstrating indications can spread the infection to other people.

So, using the mask is needed. A mere cloth mask is also enough to cover your nose and mouth.

Hand Sanitizer

We touch several things when we go outdoors, for example, a shopping cart, tangible products, packets, supermarket bags. We don’t know what sorts of pathogens are present on their surface. It would be best if one kept their hands clean to prevent COVID infection.

Washing our hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds is the most effective way to kill the disease-causing pathogens. But in the absence of that, hand sanitizer is the next-best choice.

Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer with us is helpful. Make sure the hand sanitizer contains a minimum of 60 per cent ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.


It is preferable to have a disinfectant handy when you are travelling or are outdoors. You may place it in your vehicle or bag to clean the surface you tend to come in contact with very frequently.

The car handles, mobile phones, products, etc., all these things are prone to invite bacteria and viruses for breeding. It will help if you disinfect them often with an excellent disinfecting cleaner containing at least 7.5 per cent hydrogen peroxide.


Be it a pandemic situation or not, tissues are a thing that we should always carry with us when we go out. They can be used for many purposes like covering our mouth, nose while coughing and sneezing, wiping our face, handling and touching any outdoor items. Using a tissue regularly helps us limit our exposure to germs and bacteria.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital, be it any season. So, carrying a water bottle with ourselves while stepping out is a good habit. Instead of stopping at a store to buy one, it is better to have our own water bottle from home. If anyone uses water coolers, the risk of exposure to germs increases for them.


All of us must stay safe and practice social distancing during and even after the coronavirus pandemic. The entire world is practising restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus and flatten the curve as quickly as possible.

Everyone has been advised to use a hand sanitizer, wear a mask and minimize outdoor visits only for the better. Yet if going out is necessary, make sure to carry all the above-listed items.


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