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Tips on Selecting the Best Business Style Suit

Nowadays, most budding entrepreneurs have given up the classic business style suit for a more informal look. Many of these casual pieces include hoodies, jeans, and sneakers. While comfort is essential when choosing what to wear, business style suits are a necessary aspect of a budding entrepreneur’s brand. If you seek to grow your venture, it is essential to have the dressier kind of attire, because you will be meeting investors and potential partners.

When you are in a business suit, you will confidently pitch your ideas, without worrying about people having negative preconceived notions of you. Buying a first business suit may seem like a hard task because you do not know what to look out for. Here are tips that will help you to find the right business suit.

  1. The solid color

When you are buying your first suit, you should go for a solid navy or charcoal grey suit. A charcoal grey suit is more ideal. These shades are very versatile and can be worn as both business and informal outfits. While at the office you could match the suit up, with a light blue shirt and some brown shoes. In the evening you could switch up the brown shoes for black ones, and change up your tie and shirt for a white shirt.

These two colors make it easy to wear different shades of shirts. When it comes to the fabric of the suit, wool, or a blend of both wool and silk is excellent as these fabrics will work for all seasons. For your jacket, go for the notched lapel to achieve a classic look.

  1. Always go for a slimmer fit

Slimmer suits are the new wave. By wearing baggy pants and looser jackets, you do your body a disservice because you appear sloppier and larger than you are. This is not to say that you should go for a tight uncomfortably suit but rather a suit that is tailored for your body accurately.

A well-tailored suit should have its jacket ending a half-inch above the cuffs of your shirt, while the pants’ hems should end at your shoe’s tongue.

  1. The fit of your shoulders is crucial.

While you can buy your suit off the rack and have it tailored, it is pretty challenging to have ill-fitting shoulders repaired. The size of your shoulders does not alter much. Therefore when you are looking for a suit, you need to ensure that the seams at the shoulders do not go past your real shoulders. Also, avoid excessive paddings to give your jacket a well- structured look.

  1. Accessories 

Accessories are essential to pay attention to when you are buying your first suit. By incorporating tie bars, cuff links, lapel pins, and pocket squares, you can make your outfit stand out. Buy a suit that comes with cuff links, and with pockets that can fit a pocket square well.

This will make your suit versatile, and you can wear it differently each other time. However, only use one accessory each time to avoid looking cheap.

Nothing beats a well-tailored classic suit for business meetings. It makes you look more polished, and you will gain enough confidence to take your venture to the next level.


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