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How Vape Pens Are Disrupting The Tobacco Market, Especially In The UK

Taking a step back, we were used to seeing smokers smoke tobacco cigarettes where they exhaled a lot of smoke, and it was quite a disturbing especially if you were standing next to one. Not forgetting the strong noxious odor that one would carry along after their smoke sessions. However, the introduction of vape pens has come in handy as they have not only helped some of the smokers to kill the addiction but has also helped in reducing air pollution.

For sure, vape pens have disrupted the tobacco market as there has been a massive inclination to the number of people using the vape technology. If you are still stuck to the traditional way of smoking, then you are behind the clock, but it’s never too late to jump to the other side. There has been a decrease in the use of tobacco especially in the UK after the introduction of the vape pens and here is why;

  1. Increased Smoke-Free Campaigns

Let’s face it, like any other addiction, quitting smoking is quite challenging. However, it is very much possible. Research has shown that most smokers who have curbed the addiction have in most cases had a support system by their side that guided them through and helped them realize the health benefits of not using tobacco. Well, the UK government came up with smoke-free campaigns which included providing the smokers with free e cigars kits available in pharmacies. Additionally, when the smokers get their free e-cigarettes kits, they get a free smoking cessation support from professional medical practitioners. Here, they get the guidance from the professionals on how to use the e cigars and how they can as well control their nicotine intake. Also, the UK government has a 24/7 available free stop smoking helpline where the smokers can reach out for help at any time.

  1. Affordability

With today’s expensive economy, all people want to do is save up some of their hard-earned cash. As opposed to smoking tobacco, vape pens come in handy as they are excellent and affordable. You are always guaranteed that you will get a vape pen that is within your budget. As opposed to the cigarettes, with vape pens all you need to do is charge it, fill it with you most preferred flavor and you can use it for as long as even more than a day. However, it is vital to do in-depth research before purchasing one to avoid buying knock-offs.

  1. Flexibility in flavors

The same way you have a favorite meal is the same way smokers have their most preferred taste when it comes to using vape pens. From chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, mint, caramel, mention them. As opposed to cigarettes which have only two flavors which are menthol and tobacco, with vape pens you have the option of choosing the flavor, and you can also mix them to your liking.

Take Away

The affordability that comes with using vape pens is unmatched; hence the reason why it has overtaken the use of tobacco today. Additionally, it has also helped in decreasing the number of smokers as with vape pens, one is able to get satisfied with only a few puffs and is also able to control the amount of nicotine they consume. As such, if you are a smoker and have not yet purchased a vape pen, it is just about time to do so.

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