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How to wear purple to a wedding

Purple is a rich and royal colour and, better than that, it can suit any body shape or skin tone. As warmer weather approaches and the wedding season gets underway, it is time to consider how to wear it for a special occasion. Coming in different shades and styles, you may want some guidance on the purple that is right for you.


Purple can come in a range of different shades, and the one you choose will depend upon your hair colour and skin tone. For porcelain skin with brown hair, you may want to pick a shade closer to violet. If your skin and hair are both quite fair, a darker plum colour may be a better fit. Plum will also flatter those with darker skin, as will other warm shades such as royal purple.


If you want to make you purple dress really stand out from the crowd, you could choose a floral design. At once bold and feminine, floral options are available for all body types. They are especially good for summer celebrations such as weddings, where they help to bring life and joy to the scene.

Floral is just one style you can find on the maxi dress. A purple maxi dress such as the purple maxi dress available at AX Paris, complete with lace decoration, can also be an effortlessly stylish look. You can wear a maxi dress for practically any occasion, including weddings and receptions. With the dress chosen, all you need is matching bag and shoes.

Of course, you do not have to wear a dress. Purple can also be a great colour for a skirt or as part of a trouser suit. Choose well and you will have an outfit suitable for recycling on any smart occasion when the wedding has finished. All you need to do is play with the accessories.


Once you have your purple, you need to decide what other colours should accompany it. If you are choosing accessories such as shoes and a bag, do not have them the same colour as the dress. If you must have purple, keep them to just the slightest hint. Neutral shades tend to work best to accompany purple, especially if it is on the darker side. Try to avoid pairing it with bright colours.

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