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How To Get The Most Epic Street Style With Accessories

Street style includes the kind of style that is on trend in the moment. Often, this phrase is used when describing the style celebrities have off the red carpet, while they are out on the streets being photographed by the paparazzi during their daily lives- think Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift and how they have their own defining style beyond just their red carpet looks. If you want to have street style, there are a few ways to elevate your go-to outfits without completely overhauling your wardrobe. Accessories are you best friend, and below are some trendy accessories that can give you the on-trend street style look.


A hat is the perfect way to elevate your look from a plain outfit to a fashion statement. The hat doesn’t need to be a formal or elegant wide brimmed hat, rather they can be more casual and wearable for your everyday life. For example, casual hats come in a wide array of styles, shapes, and colors. For the cold months and winter season, you can wear a beanie to give your look a subtle hint of street style. Beanies can be tight and short, or they can be looser and hanging off the back of your head- both styles are just as trendy and a perfect way to show your street style! Even more, a fedora is a great way to bring out your inner street style. You can be wearing a basic plain white t-shirt with light wash jeans and once you add a fedora, your outfit becomes something special!


Purses are statement pieces that can show the world whether or not you are trendy. Recently, purses have become fanny packs, a departure from the large and oversized bags of the early 2000s. Oddly enough, fanny packs were considered to be exclusive to middle aged moms going on daily outings with her young children. Now, they are a favorite among real celebrities and online influencers, alike. Of course, there are the classic fanny packs that wrap around the hips. Now, though, there are crossbody fanny packs that strap around your body and rest on your chest. These fanny packs are even sold by top fashion brands like Gucci!


Sunglasses trends are constantly. Years ago, the big bug-eye sunglasses were all the rage, and for a time heart-shaped sunglasses were a trend. Therefore, having the trendiest sunglasses is a great way to elevate your street style to Instagram model status. Of course, you can wear the sunglasses to block out the sun on sunshine-y days, but the cool kids are wearing sunglasses differently these days. For picture taking purposes, wear the sunglasses slightly lower on your nose so your eyes can peer over the sunglasses. Suddenly, your sunglasses are more than just a practical accessory but a street style approved incorporation of a popular trend. Similarly, you can put the sunglasses on the top of your head to keep your hair out of your face as a purposely-effortless look.

Overall, there are a lot of ways to elevate your normal style to a street style worthy look- use this advice as a rough outline and mix and match until you find a street style that is uniquely your own!

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