The Shopping Channels: On a Popularity Spree! General 

The Shopping Channels: On a Popularity Spree!

The year 1994 saw the virtual shopping channel doors open for e-business.Here are a couple of interesting stats from Cooper Smith, tech writer for the Business Insider: The first quarter of 2014, 198 million U.S. consumers bought something online. That translates to 78% of the U.S. population over 15 years of age. Hold on for the next surprising stat, I feel like this one deserves a drum roll; when it comes to e-commerce shopping, women and men are nearly equal in spending!As more shopping channels opened for business the internet…

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The Evolution of Healthcare Mystery Shopping General 

The Evolution of Healthcare Mystery Shopping

Patients answer patient satisfaction survey questions based on their perception, and yet there is limited context for the healthcare provider. It leaves one asking the questions – who were they interacting with, what was said, when did it happen, and how capable and reliable was the patient to make those interpretations? So instead of convening a committee to explore the reasons for poor scores, healthcare mystery shopping provides healthcare clients with the research intelligence needed to make real-time improvements.In an era of value based purchasing with a focus on inpatient…

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The Best Things to Do at the Shopping Mall General 

The Best Things to Do at the Shopping Mall

When you are bored, want to purchase something, or when you simply want to relax, one of the best destinations you can have is a shopping mall. Nowadays, shopping centers have evolved from a plain shopping destination to a place for shopping, entertainment, and relaxation.If you wish to be entertained and relaxed, a shopping mall can answer your needs. Below is a list of the fun things you can do at a shopping center:1. Shop For Your Favorite ProductsIf you want to see the latest trends on clothes, bags, shoes,…

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The Pleasure Of Online Shopping General 

The Pleasure Of Online Shopping

Online Shopping is today the most convenient and exciting way of shopping. It caters to every income group and therefore has a wide customer base. It allows customers to buy goods and services from sellers or merchants using the internet. Many people find this the most relaxed form of shopping, more so from the convenience of their home. It also has its advantages and disadvantages, that should be kept in mind to make shopping a pleasure.Online Shopping lets you to shop from your home. You can relax before your computer…

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How Shopping Centres Can Remain Relevant in 2013 General 

How Shopping Centres Can Remain Relevant in 2013

Once the recession started to recede, many struggling shopping centres expected shopping behaviour to change and spending to pick up. This didn’t happen – instead, a new context has emerged in SA with many recessionary shopping patterns having become habitual. In 2012, Yellowwood Future Architects identified several key shopping trends related to behaviour:• A focus on the in-store experience which will see retailers and manufacturers collaborating to provide experiential shopping• A ‘solution’ shop where retailers and manufacturers offer shoppers ‘solutions’ to their daily shopping problems• The growing impact of smartphones…

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Party Shops - Choosing The Best For Your Party Supplies General 

Party Shops – Choosing The Best For Your Party Supplies

Organizing a party is easy when you have the right shop to get the supplies you need. The best you can do to have an easy time with your party planning is to start with the preparations early. It will save you from last minute rushes that could ruin a good party. When you have enough time to get what you need and get everything together, you will avoid situations where you forget some important party things. A good party shop will give you an easy, pleasant time getting everything…

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How To Choose A Collision Repair Shop After An Accident General 

How To Choose A Collision Repair Shop After An Accident

No one likes to be in an accident. Aside from the damage accidents do to your car and your body, the aftermath can be a hassle, as you haggle with your insurance company and find the right body shop to properly fix your car. To get the best work at the best price, what should you look when choosing a body shop?In addition to turnaround time, affordability and quality of work, also be sure to find out the following from the shops you’re considering: how long they’ve been in business,…

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Shop Insurance And Security Considerations General 

Shop Insurance And Security Considerations

Shops have always been the targets for thieves and since the emergence in the early nineteenth century of shopping rows, have presented their owners with various security considerations to deter organised crime. Most of these security requirements were insisted upon by insurance companies before they would underwrite the risk.Today it is no different a risk for insurers, with the exception that the types of goods to protect and security considerations that retail outlets have to manage have changed somewhat over the years. Likewise today, all insurance companies when offering shop…

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How Safe Is Online Shopping? The Top 4 Secret Tips To Prevent You From Being Duped General 

How Safe Is Online Shopping? The Top 4 Secret Tips To Prevent You From Being Duped

There are thousands of online shopping sites where you can order for your products. But how many of these online stores are genuine? Shopping online can be risky if you do not know how to protect yourself. The advert of the internet has made online shopping easier. I was surprised when a friend once told me he preferred offline shopping. He indeed did not know the advantages inherent in online shopping stores. Before giving you hints on how to shop safely, lets look at some of the advantages.Advantages Of Online…

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How to Choose a Window Tint Shop General 

How to Choose a Window Tint Shop

Choosing a window tint shop can be confusing. “Best Price” “No Bubbles” “20 Years in Business”… How do you know which shop to choose? There are major differences between tint shops and you don’t want to make a bad investment. After all, window tint is something that you have to live with for years to come. It’s either going to make you proud every time you look at it or make you sick! Hopefully after reading this post, you will have the tools you need to make an educated decision.Ask…

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